About the Photographer

Photography has been my passion for 35 years, and it still gives me a thrill every time I press the shutter button.

Like all other forms of art, photography requires more than artistic vision; it requires the technical skills to turn that vision into reality. To make a great photograph, so many things have to be just right: lighting, color, exposure, focus, composition, and dozens of others. This is hard enough to accomplish in a studio; at an event, it's vastly more difficult — and you don't get a second chance to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

To get great shots reliably requires using the best equipment, and using it skillfully. I use only Canon's highest-grade professional lenses, on Canon's leading-edge digital single-lens-reflex cameras. Having shot hundreds of thousands of exposures with these tools, under all manner of conditions, allows me to approach any event with confidence.